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Receive drum lessons by an active Boston area performer in a private studio setting.
Serving the towns of Stoughton, Sharon, Canton, Norwood, Walpole, Easton and surrounding areas for over 20 years

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Drumset Lessons Curriculum

JDJDJeremy JD Sheehan is accepting students at JD Drum School in
Stoughton, MA for drumset, theory and performance studies. An emphasis
will be placed on technique, rudiments, reading, fills and more. Materials
needed include drum sticks, books, practice pad and or drums and access-
ories. Drum sticks, drum books, and practice pads can be conveniently
purchased at JD Drum School or separately by the student at another location.

JDJDBeginning drum students start on the snare or practice pad, concen-
trating on stick control, counting, correct technique and playing rhythms. We
then progress to the full drum kit, showing and teaching in detail several rhythm
patterns, drum fills and a creative approach to composition of rhythym. A
creative approach to applying the rudiments to the drumkit will be an integral
part of the students curriculum. Students will also play along with recorded
material and CD's to help master different styles and grooves. Styles include
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues and Punk. Double bass drum technique will
also be covered.

JDJDTranscription of recorded songs and recording principles of the drumset
will be covered as well as strategies and techniques for productive band
rehearsal and performance. Part of the curriculum will also include exposure to
the evolution of the drumkit and the history of drumming and drummers, dating
all the way back to Paul Barbarin in the late 1890's. This will be done through
handouts and video and audio clips of various drummers in solo and perform-
ance settings.

JDJDJD Drum School is fully equipped with 2 drumkits and practice pad area.
JD Drum School is also fully equipped for playback options for Cd, Cassette,
DVD, or VHS Video with headphones or speaker availability for playback.
There are also record options for Cassette or Video.

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